Company Profile

Hing Yuan Co. Ltd., founded in 1980, is dedicated to producing quartz clock movements, alarm clocks, wall-clock movements, and plastic molding, as well as providing mold design services. The company will continue to introduce new technologies, innovative techniques and new concepts to improve product quality and to comply with market requirements. By employing quality know-how and management tools, as well as by widening the technology level and management view, Tong Shen more profoundly realizes the business philosophy of Quality and Service.

Company Development

1981  Developed and started production of the synchronous motor
1983 Wall Clock Movement
1985 Honored by the “New Product Development Award” issued by MOEA of ROC and the Chinese National Federation of Industries 。
1986 Plant moved to Pin Jen City , Taoyuan for production of Quartz clock movement, alarm clock, plastic molding, as well as mold design and mold manufacturing.
1987 Fan motor development

Establishment of Sakura Seimitsu , India


Establishment of Shinzhuang Plant, Taipei County ; production of quartz movement, alarm clock


Investment of Guangzhou Plant, Mainland China ; production of quartz movement, alarm clock

1991 Establishment of Shajing Plant, Shenzhen, Mainland China; production of quartz movement, alarm clock, plastic molding, spray painting, gilding, and screen printing
Taiwan: No. 16, Gong 7th Rd., Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City 325, Taiwan County, Taiwan,
Tel:886-3-4097168 Fax:886-3-4097102